Number 13:

So, for Operation Nuptial: There Will be Beer,
I was way too busy running around and getting things done

to take pictures.

(flowers. in the sink. they were also in the bathtub. and in the kitchen. and on the back porch.)


Makes me really, really want a Bond-esque camera that I could clip to my shirt
and just take snaps as I dash about.

So here is the brilliant Amber Fox,

photographer most awesome,
who captured James and Laura quite well!

I created all of the floral arrangements;
the marvelous Mary Smith was my right-hand woman,
and suffered a couple of hot-glue burns along with me.
(you know you’re friends when…)

I used deep purple anemones, light lilac freesia, thistle flowers, lisianthus, aranthus,
and the completely rad green pom-poms were dianthus.

Laura’s dress came from Butter by Nadia;
I recommended the dress to her because Laura is so not
a lace and fluffies kind of a girl,
and I knew the cost would be well within her budget.
Additionally, it’s a chameleon dress, which means she can wear this sucker
however the heck she wants post-wedding!

(I also found bridesmaid’s Jessie’s dress (she of the rad dreadlocks) at Anthro for half-off the week before the wedding. Seriously felt triumphant about that one!)

(look at that tiny detail in the neckline! *swoon*)

This was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been a part of
(the 13th I’ve coordinated and/or floristeded);
every single person who came early asked how they could help,
and when given a task,
just did it.

I can’t even tell you what a difference that makes to the feel of a wedding.

(Both the Rolands and the McGranaghan Clan were incredible–
low-key, helpful, supportive, and hilarious.)

I loved every second of this event,
and I’m grateful that I was a part of it.

Dear James and Laura,

May God smile on your new life together.



ps (may i borrow the mcgranaghan clan for my reception? ‘coz they’re amazing.)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Laura Jane
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 22:42:38

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you were incredible. You gave a lot of order to a day that could have been crazed otherwise, and also… you gave a it a lot of class.
    As for the McGranaclan? They are ALWAYS up for a party, love. Just tell them where and when 😉


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