Things I Wish I Had Known:

If I could sit my 20-year-old self down,
and give that scared, long-haired girl some advice,
from the High White Tower of 28-year-old Experience
(take it for what it’s worth, in other words),
I might say this:

1) That English degree? Not really going to do much for you.
Take some business classes, too. Or double-major.

2) You are smarter than you think.

3) Don’t be afraid of having to pay rent–if travelling makes your toes tingle, DO IT.

4) You are not your sister, nor are you able to draw the way she does,
and that’s okay. Paint, for fuck’s sake.

5) Your faith is not based on how many times per week you go to church.

6) You’re a snob. You’ll still be a snob in eight years. Start working on this now.

7) APPLY TO GRAD SCHOOL BEFORE YOU GRADUATE. This is one of my biggest regrets.

8 ) If someone tries to force you into a career that you know will not
make you happy, do not give in (…or learn to deal with it more graciously).

9) Money will always be tight–but you will never be without food, clothes, or a place to live. Trust God and be sensible.

10) Your friends are figuring themselves out, too–be patient.

11) Never, never, never give up.

12) If you are blessed with a day, a week, a month of lovely ordinariness,
treasure it.

13) Stop making up movies in your head about how situations are going to go.
Very little actually works out the way you expect and hope it will.

14) You will often be disappointed and disillusioned. You will also often be surprised and delighted. Remember the latter, roll with the former.

last one?



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