Things I’ve Learned:

1) The puppy will not go in her kennel willingly.
She will think leaping out of the zippered flap is a game.
This ceases to be funny after the 15th time.

2) If puppy goes out at 1am to pee, she will sleep until 6am.
Woe to you, unbeliever, if you fail to get her out at that hour!

3) Puppy sleeps in corners. This morning, it was the corner under my nightstand.
Good thing, too–her fluffy little body doubles as a duster.

4) The threat of fleas will make your scalp and skin itchitchitch,
even though the fleas are but a figment of your imagination,
thank you, Nuclear-Winter-for-Fleas-Spray.

5) The Boyo–who has had Dogs, but never his very own Puppy–
will be as nervous as a new Dad about whether or not Puppy loves him.
It’s adorable.

6) There are few things in the world cuter than this critter when she’s sleeping:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rachael
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 06:55:37

    hello! Iv’e just started reading your blog, when I looked up Medieval and found the article you did of people not figuring out the difference between Renaissance and Medieval. 🙂 nicely done. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi and OH My GODDNESS ADORABLE PUPPEH!! 😀


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