I have a funny relationship with my scalp follicles.

I kept my hair long (ass length) through high-school,
mostly because people pestered and teased and prodded me to cut it off,
and well,
I’m perverse like that.

And maybe there was something in that tormenting,
since the first time I actually *liked* the way my hair looked was when I finally whacked it all off five years ago–it was really cute, and red, and swingy,
and unfortunately,
never looked as good as it did walking out of that salon.

Teaching didn’t help with maintaining awesome hair, either.

(teaching didn’t help with maintaining awesome anything, truth be told)

When I was working at a post-production house,
I started toying with the notion of cutting my hair REALLY short.

And dying it.

(I think it was the nose-piercing day with Ruth that freed up my inner punk, really)

We were so happy that day. And swollen.

I wanted to dye my hair black and pink.
Not Barbie pink.
Not fluffy pink.
Sock you in the eye,
take no prisoners,
glows in blacklight

After I got that haircut,
I grinned at my reflection every morning for about a month straight,
in spite of my pink-stained pillows and shower.

This cut had a swath of PINK going up the back of my head, too.

It’s been nine months since I’ve cut my hair.
(yay, unemployment)

I can’t wait to whack it all off again,
and yet?

I’m also kinda nervous about it as well.

I’ve had some really cute hair days lately,
but I’m tired of having to brush, curl, and bobbypin the everliving shit out of my hair every day,
ya know?

The Boyo loves my supah-short hair
(I love that he isn’t a “typical” guy in this regard–
long hair doesn’t look good on me,
so he’s not harboring some inner pout
about the fact that I don’t (and won’t) have it.),
and I love my supah-short hair.

I’m just afraid that it won’t turn out.

Or that the stylist will screw up the dye job
(oh hai, chemical burns!).

Or that I won’t like it anymore.

Or that I’ll feel ugly over the holidays.

Or that I’ll look like hell in photos from my upcoming performance.

Hair is so damn complicated as a woman,
isn’t it?
It’s never just…dead protein on your scalp.

At least my dead protein comes in pretty colors, y’all.


(Weigh in–does anyone else have a funky-ass relationship with their hair, for whatever reason?)

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Somer
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 06:00:29

    Hair stylists are always trying to convince me to whack mine off because it is so fine. I can’t handle that notion, I did it once, in second grade, and I have been growing it back out ever since. I like my hair long. I like to be able to wear it down or put it up, or use those silly clips and barrettes. (I have a current obsession with hair dooies. If you read my blog you will notice that at all of the crafty fairs I have been to in the last couple months, I have mostly bought hair dooies.) So, despite the fact that my hair is fine, can slide out of almost anything unless you threaten it right and will never really hold curl for more than half a day, I still like it long.

    But, YOU look adorable with short hair.


  2. chariander
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 20:19:36

    Oh me and my hair… the stories I could tell! It’s been every shade in the Crayola box (red is my dream and yet with my skin tone red looks AWFUL on me. sigh) and every length from my butt to my ear lobes. Currently I hate it. It’s awful and does nothing I want it to. I hated my last haircut. But now seeing your black-n-pink combo I really want to try that! Even though I know with my thin and curly hair it will not be nearly as cute on me… argh.


    • cheekypinky
      Dec 02, 2010 @ 11:25:36

      I had red(ish) hair for a while, too–
      and it was a bit…harsh.

      I love your current darkdark brown–it’s lovely with your skin and eyes!

      I’ll bet you could totally rock a short bob, too–dooo eeeeet!


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