When I’m an Old Woman, I Shall Wear:

Certainly not purple with a red hat that doesn’t go.

I want to look like Dame Judy Dench.
Or Helen (holyshit) Mirren.
Or Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”.
(Her hair? Perfect.)

That strong, dignified, undeniable presence that comes with age and a certainty
regarding who you are and who you are continuing to become.

(note: I’m talking about wardrobe and look here–I would add someone like Golda Meir, for example, but girlfriend was a leetle more concerned about protecting the homeland of the Jewish people than getting her hair done.)

I will be as sharp as my Grandma Rea.

I will wear high heels and dance till all hours,
no matter how cranky my body is.

I will wear beautiful clothes in beautiful fabrics
for which my granddaughters will pine.

And here’s the (a) thing:

I love my pajamas,
particularly whilst in the midst of this unemployment thing.

But I don’t go outside in them.

I believe there is value in dressing well (not fussy, but well)
when leaving the house.

I’m still trying to find the balance between being comfortable and chic;
still trying to find those perfect cuffable capris that I can wear Audrey-style with red flats.

I’m working on having a style that is lovely.

Peasant blouse! High-waisted skirt! Wheee!

Okay...this one might mostly be for the Vespa, but isn't she just so chic?

Girl knew how to tie a head-scarf, y'all.

Sometimes, this woman really makes me want to start smoking...

I am in love with the shorty shorts and crisp blouse look...and those shoes? SLAIN.

Again with the shorts and blouse--this is possibly one of my favorite Audrey outfits.

Look at these women! Aren't they just fabulous?

Sorry, I can't get away from her. I may need to try this turban thing out, particularly with hoop earrings.

Love this color on her skin, and her ruffly short hair, and the fact that she's not afraid of her décolletage.

And this, from the Fabulous Project Rungay Guys.

(um…spoiler alert if you watch Mad Men)

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