Debbie Reynolds, You’re my Heroine:

If you love costuming,
old Hollywood,
or just simply appreciate workmanship,
you have *got* to take a look at this.

Debbie Reynolds Costume Auction


Holy SHIT.


I just about lost my shit at work
when I saw the above dress–
“Hello, Dolly!” is my favorite musical,
and that dress?

Ohhhhh, that DRESS…!

Streisand owned the HELL out of those sparkles and beads–
you can see the weight of it in the film,
how she conquers it with every dance step and note she sings.

She was the Empress of the World in that thing.


If I had $80,000?

I would buy this.


(also, That Dress is directly responsible for my ongoing torrid love affair with all things that sparkle in the light)


I hope Debbie has an incredibly successful auction–
the level of her care and her years of curating these costumes is truly magnificent.

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