Cranberries and ‘Tatoes:


I’ve always felt that cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes
were the boring children at the Thanksgiving table.

Just kinda…meh.

So a couple of years ago,
I began dinking around with the recipes,
and I came up with a sauce that might,
in fact, come down from Heaven and glow in the dark,
and mashed potatoes that never end up as leftovers.

So, here they are!

Becca’s Drunken Cranberry Sauce:

2 pkg. Cranberries
2 c. water
2 c. white sugar
2 c. brown sugar

(Yup. You really do need ALL of that sugar.)

Pour water and sugars into large saucepan,
stir until sugars dissolve,
add cranberries.

Add liberal dashes and shakes of the following:

Cardamom (yummmmmm!)
Blob of orange juice
Spiced Rum (if “liberal” is a good amount, then this should be heading towards “anarchy”)
Vanilla Vodka (More “Republican”–just a smidge)

Grab a potato masher and smoosh the heck out of those cranberries–
you want this to be fairly smooth in texture.

Taste your concoction–
it should have a little nip to it,
but shouldn’t make your lips curl in on themselves.
If it’s not sweet enough, ADD MORE SUGAR!!!

Or honey.

OoooOOOO…maybe I’ll go put some in right now…


Add a dollop of honey.

Good stuff.


Oooo, Shiny....and really good with cookies dipped in it.


Perfect Mashed Potatoes:

1 bag yellow potatoes
2 bags small red potatoes
(No russets. They’re booooring.)

Chop potatoes, leaving skin.
Place in deep pot, cover with water, set to boil.

When potatoes boil, drain, and add the following:

8 oz. cream cheese
8 oz. sour cream
Finely chopped garlic to taste

Blend, mash, blend, and mash some more.

Scoop into casserole dish, garnish with the following:

1 c. grated mild cheese
Finely chopped chives (to taste)
A little melted butter (if ya want–it’s gooooood)

Pop into oven until cheese is melted, and serve.


if someone wants to give me a recipe for yams that involve marshmallows,
but not in a depressing way,
I might expand my repertoire.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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