Yesternight’s Workout:



24 lunges
15 knees-to-elbows
25 KB squat passes
(we stood in a circle and passed a 25# kb around whilst squatting.
it was both hilarious and awesome.)
20:20:20 sprint
10 KB thrusts


Katie’s husbear joined in our madness–yay, Kyle!

We swapped out the 20:20:20 sprints
(20 second sprint, 20 second rest, 20 second sprint)
for a 200m run on the third round, and 10 burpees on the 4th.

Those sprints.

They are MURDER.

I’m trying to work us up to a real Tabata night–
but it will be a Tabata ONLY,
because we’re not *that* crazy. 🙂

(A Tabata drill is a 20 second sprint, 10 second rest for four minutes.

This was a solid workout–
closest I’ve ever come to actually puking
and/or tapping out.

It’s those sprints!

Maybe I’ll do more tonight.


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