Held Hostage

I fucking hate gynecological exams.

This new research makes me feel like I can actually argue against having to go through them as regularly as they are “recommended” (ie: foisted upon me).

I made an appointment a couple of months ago
to get suspicious lumps in my breasts examined.
The doctor I saw would not examine my breasts
without subjecting me to a pelvic exam.
I was furious, upset, and completely traumatized by that exam,
and it was utterly, entirely pointless for my health.

It’s less about access to birth control for me
and more about not being guilted, forced, or compelled
to let a complete stranger both see me naked and poke around at my cervix.

As the writer says:

“…in a year, I might go back for a checkup with a doctor. But if I do, it will be because I think it’s the right thing to do, not because I don’t have a choice.”


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