Number 19:


The Roommate,
my friend,
my chosen sister,
Jessie Jones,
got married on Saturday.


There were wine bottles
and Jurassic flowers
and roses and peonies
and a very small dinosaur on her bouquet.


Photo Courtesy of Amanda Rouse

"Rawr" means "I love you" in Dinosaur.


Jurassic Bouquet - Photo Courtesy of Laura Jane

Protea, Thistles, Peonies and Roses, Oh My!


There was a brief rain shower,
during which we all stayed blessedly dry.

There was laughter and dancing
with far away friends,
home with us just for a little while,
and two of the best toasts I have ever heard–
they couldn’t help but be that way

Jessie and Mike have made their lives around people who are wonderful,
just as they are.


Mr. and Mrs. Greenholt - Photo Courtesy of Amanda Rouse

Mr. & Mrs. Greenholt


Making a wedding happen is always hard work–
I’m home sick for the second day in a row because of it.

But every once in a while,
I get to be a part of a day that is so special,
I would do it all over again tomorrow if I had to.


Mike, Jessie.

I love you both.
Thank you for Saturday.
May God smile on all of your days together.


ps (i miss you, jess.)


Jones and Rea - Photo Courtesy of Laura Jane

The Pink Hair. The Redhead.



Which means that this is going to be disjointed.


I feel like I’ve been walking through peanut butter.
Like I could sleep for 48 hours and still need more rest.

Went to Denver for a business trip on Monday
(my first! I’m all growed up!),
had to be up by 3:30am, to LAX by 5am,
and ready to roll into a full day of work by 10.
Wore Full Business Drag (hose, heels, pencil skirt, fancy blouse, lipstick)–
which is awfully uncomfortable,
but looks damn good on me.

It was a good trip–
the best part being the Schwanky Hotel Room.

Sometimes, ya just need to sleep on a king size bed all by yourself,
starfish style.

Friend Mary (NinjaMom!) came to see me–
we went walking through the city,
spent hours talking (not enough time),
made me dearly miss our Girl Days just after she had Jake,
and I was unemployed,
when we walked and talked all over Sierra Madre.

I miss you, friend.


I went to the flower market to pick out pretties for my old student and friend’s senior vocal recital.
I am so proud of her–
when I first knew her, at 15,
she introduced me to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
We talked about TS Eliot,

…We still talk about those things.

Lauren became the woman I knew she would be–
funny, kind, lovely, gracious, mature.

I can’t wait to see you conquer the world, ‘Lo.


Roses and berries


I’ll have to get a better shot of these roses–
they’re called “Cool Water”, and I love their delicate color.


"Mad Men" is *very* important to the arranging process.


My Nitty Gritty City


That sky?
It’s the one thing that makes getting up at the buttfuck of dawn worth it.
I saw the sunrise over Los Angeles yesterday,
and it was beautiful.


I miss watching the sunrise.

Flower Speak:


So you’re dating.
Or married.
Or generally edging around the notion of making another person feel
special and tingly.


Here is my comprehensive and exhaustively researched guide to
What Your Flowers are Hollering about You, Your Character,
and Sometimes Your Car:

Standard Red Roses:

“I have no imagination whatsoever.”


Standard Red Roses with Baby’s Breath:

“Not only do I not have any imagination,
but I’m also into infantilization.”





Gebera Daisies:

“I know enough to not give you boring daisies, but not enough to give you a flower that will last longer than two hours before drooping.
…There is a probably a double meaning in that.”



“McDonald’s is a good date. So is Taco Bell. I watch Carl’s Jr. commercials and wear Axe Body Spray.”


Calla Lilies:

“My car has a leather interior. Also, we will go to restaurants with price fixé menus. You lucky thing, you.”



“I am a mildly interesting person with a habit of listening to talk radio.
…And these were on sale at Trader Joe’s.”


Potted Cactus/Succulent:

“You can’t keep anything alive.”



“I am so full of sunshine and good cheer, I will probably give you skin cancer.”



“Erudite, well-read, thoughtful. Methinks we’ll be having The Sex now.”



(Seriously. No carnations. Ever. They look like shite in bouquets.)

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