Number 19:


The Roommate,
my friend,
my chosen sister,
Jessie Jones,
got married on Saturday.


There were wine bottles
and Jurassic flowers
and roses and peonies
and a very small dinosaur on her bouquet.


Photo Courtesy of Amanda Rouse

"Rawr" means "I love you" in Dinosaur.


Jurassic Bouquet - Photo Courtesy of Laura Jane

Protea, Thistles, Peonies and Roses, Oh My!


There was a brief rain shower,
during which we all stayed blessedly dry.

There was laughter and dancing
with far away friends,
home with us just for a little while,
and two of the best toasts I have ever heard–
they couldn’t help but be that way

Jessie and Mike have made their lives around people who are wonderful,
just as they are.


Mr. and Mrs. Greenholt - Photo Courtesy of Amanda Rouse

Mr. & Mrs. Greenholt


Making a wedding happen is always hard work–
I’m home sick for the second day in a row because of it.

But every once in a while,
I get to be a part of a day that is so special,
I would do it all over again tomorrow if I had to.


Mike, Jessie.

I love you both.
Thank you for Saturday.
May God smile on all of your days together.


ps (i miss you, jess.)


Jones and Rea - Photo Courtesy of Laura Jane

The Pink Hair. The Redhead.




Which means that this is going to be disjointed.


I feel like I’ve been walking through peanut butter.
Like I could sleep for 48 hours and still need more rest.

Went to Denver for a business trip on Monday
(my first! I’m all growed up!),
had to be up by 3:30am, to LAX by 5am,
and ready to roll into a full day of work by 10.
Wore Full Business Drag (hose, heels, pencil skirt, fancy blouse, lipstick)–
which is awfully uncomfortable,
but looks damn good on me.

It was a good trip–
the best part being the Schwanky Hotel Room.

Sometimes, ya just need to sleep on a king size bed all by yourself,
starfish style.

Friend Mary (NinjaMom!) came to see me–
we went walking through the city,
spent hours talking (not enough time),
made me dearly miss our Girl Days just after she had Jake,
and I was unemployed,
when we walked and talked all over Sierra Madre.

I miss you, friend.


I went to the flower market to pick out pretties for my old student and friend’s senior vocal recital.
I am so proud of her–
when I first knew her, at 15,
she introduced me to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
We talked about TS Eliot,

…We still talk about those things.

Lauren became the woman I knew she would be–
funny, kind, lovely, gracious, mature.

I can’t wait to see you conquer the world, ‘Lo.


Roses and berries


I’ll have to get a better shot of these roses–
they’re called “Cool Water”, and I love their delicate color.


"Mad Men" is *very* important to the arranging process.


My Nitty Gritty City


That sky?
It’s the one thing that makes getting up at the buttfuck of dawn worth it.
I saw the sunrise over Los Angeles yesterday,
and it was beautiful.


I miss watching the sunrise.

So I Promised these Pictures in October:

And…um…here they are?

This was my crazy project of hot glue and leaves and the staying up all night:

Baba Yaga‘s Hut

I made a 2D model of Baba Yaga and placed it so you could see her silhouette through this window. Creepy.

Do you know how hard it is to find branches that bend the same way???

The roof lifts up so I can replace the battery-powered flickering lights inside.

See the Chicken Feet?


There’s a funny story behind those Chicken Feet.

they’re real.

Cooked for six hours in the oven and coated in decoupage,
but very real.

I walked into an Asian Market and asked if they carried chicken feet.
(you know, like you do)
The gentlemen looked at me, and said, “Shikahn Fee? Wha ah Shikahn Fee?”

I kinda made motions with my hands to indicate scratching,
“Um. They’re. You know. Chicken? Feet?”
*scratch scratch*

“You draw for me.”

“OH! You mean Shikahn PAW!”

And apparently I did, because they sent me home with a dozen of them.

ps (for a sense of scale, Baba’s Hut is about two feet high by three feet wide.)

pps (In my head, it was only a couple of inches tall.)

ppps (I have no sense of proportion, people.)

My Day So Far:

It is 11:30 in the morning.

Becca has not gone to sleep yet,
on account of the fact that she,
once again,
had an AWESOMERAD idea for Halloween decor
that HAD to be executed in neverasmuchtimeassheneeds.

I have cleaned up two passive-agressive shits from DammitDog,
one “I didn’t want to poop outside, so I’magonna poop in the corner instead” from The Corgi,
fifty gazillion seeds from maple pods in my hair, down my bra, in my shorts,
two hot glue burns (tho’ not even close to the Emissary of Satan Burn),
tuned out the rantings of one creepy neighbor,
and have watched two movies.

I have not started on my costume yet,
and my party is tonight.

Next year?

I start working on Halloween decor in AUGUST.

And bright ideas that come around in the beginning of October?

I’ll write you down and tuck you away for NEXT YEAR.

ps (yes, pictures are forthcoming of the Project that Would Not Sleep)

Today I:

Got inspired:

1) Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Doll
(caution: the nude doll gallery on her site may be slightly NSFW)

I collected porcelain dolls when I was little,
but they were *nothing* like these tiny wonders.

Her artistry absolutely takes my breath away–
the tiny, meticulous details of the casting process,
her ethereal painting style,
the minuscule, faerie-fingered-embroidery and beading,
and the SHOES,
oh Lord,
the SHOES…!

To get the tattoos on her dolls,
she actually carves the design in the porcelain,
and then fires the paint into that design–

I can spend hours browsing her gallery
and reading about her creative process on her blog.

(I might do a watercolor inspired by one of her dolls…)

2) Style Me Pretty

One of my favorite stumbleupon sites–
always fresh, chic, interesting ideas to play with for future brides–
both in general and floral design.

They tend to be a nice balance between the amazingly awesomely wackadoodle OffbeatBride, and the boring, bleaaaah of The Knot
(tho’ i think they could still use a few more tattooed/pink haired/
colored dress brides, but hey, that’s probably just my hair dye talkin’).

they create inspiration shoots with things like this:


3) Lawrence Yang, whose use of colors and blending kinda
make my heart hurt a little, they’re so nifty…

the last couple of weeks have been SO INSANELY BUSY,
I haven’t had the time or energy to devote to painting,
or even to my simple bleach-pen t-shirt designs…
There was the Kansas City reception of McGranaghanClanness at the end of July,
(i was only two sheets to the wind, i swear!
the humidity just makes me look…um…nevermind
I started my salsa performance class at my dance studio
(serious hours of practice and anal perfecting of
*everything* are staring me in the face),
then Santa Margarita with The Boyo for CORGI SNORGLING:


I’m going to Oregon this weekend with The Boyo for his mom’s gradjitation
(she got her Master’s in Special Education–go, Wendy!!!),
and then it’s my birthday weekend,
then moving Boyo out of the shitholefromhell apartment,
then picking up Her Fluffiness, Nami the Corgi,


It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a job right now!

(In all actuality,
I probably need to give myself an hour or two per day to just sit and focus on art–
t-shirt painting,
all the little things that have been poking me to get created…
sometimes, it’s hard to remember that creating art is just as vital as
cleaning my room, if not more so…
God bless those Puritan Workhorse genes…)

Number 13:

So, for Operation Nuptial: There Will be Beer,
I was way too busy running around and getting things done

to take pictures.

(flowers. in the sink. they were also in the bathtub. and in the kitchen. and on the back porch.)


Makes me really, really want a Bond-esque camera that I could clip to my shirt
and just take snaps as I dash about.

So here is the brilliant Amber Fox,

photographer most awesome,
who captured James and Laura quite well!

I created all of the floral arrangements;
the marvelous Mary Smith was my right-hand woman,
and suffered a couple of hot-glue burns along with me.
(you know you’re friends when…)

I used deep purple anemones, light lilac freesia, thistle flowers, lisianthus, aranthus,
and the completely rad green pom-poms were dianthus.

Laura’s dress came from Butter by Nadia;
I recommended the dress to her because Laura is so not
a lace and fluffies kind of a girl,
and I knew the cost would be well within her budget.
Additionally, it’s a chameleon dress, which means she can wear this sucker
however the heck she wants post-wedding!

(I also found bridesmaid’s Jessie’s dress (she of the rad dreadlocks) at Anthro for half-off the week before the wedding. Seriously felt triumphant about that one!)

(look at that tiny detail in the neckline! *swoon*)

This was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been a part of
(the 13th I’ve coordinated and/or floristeded);
every single person who came early asked how they could help,
and when given a task,
just did it.

I can’t even tell you what a difference that makes to the feel of a wedding.

(Both the Rolands and the McGranaghan Clan were incredible–
low-key, helpful, supportive, and hilarious.)

I loved every second of this event,
and I’m grateful that I was a part of it.

Dear James and Laura,

May God smile on your new life together.



ps (may i borrow the mcgranaghan clan for my reception? ‘coz they’re amazing.)

Not for the Faint of Stomach:

Glue guns are emissaries of Satan.

holy OW, batman!

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