Yesternight’s Workout:


We all made it through four rounds,


15 burpees
10 toes-to-bar
5 vertical jumps
20 tuck-ups
200m run


Oh, it hurt so good.

Yesternight’s Workout:



5 squat throughs, each leg (like a pistol, but when you come up,
you extend your leg behind you without resting your foot at any time — OWWW)
15 burpees
10 leg levers
400m hill run
10 butt swishes (on all fours, extend and flex leg out to the side,
parallel with your hips, then thrust it straight back and into the air as high as possible)


Ooh, I’ve got some sore buttcheeks today,

Yesternight’s Workout:


Well, Thursday’s workout, to be exact:


11 burpees
11 leg lifts
11 spiderman pushups
11 toes-to-bar
11 hindu pushups
1 min reverse plank/standard plank


Ohhhh, this was a wobbly-maker.
We were bobbing and weaving all over the place
with those burpees by the third round!

Tonight’s workout is going to be more on the legs side, methinks.

Yesternight’s Workout:


Actually, Friday’s workout:


10 tuck-jump burpees
30 sumo squats
20 knees-to-elbows
5 pistols, each leg
30 sec dead hang/1 min plank/1 min reverse plank/30 sec handstand


My ass is *still* sore from those pistols!

I’m planning on having a slow workout this week–
not easy, mind you, just slow.
It’ll be awesome and horrible!

Yesternight’s Workout:


Tuesday’s workout.)

Warm up, 500m run
Bikram stretching


25 bench jumps
15 burpees
250m run
1 min front plank/handstand/dead hang
25 squats
15 knees to elbows
250m run
1 min plank


A reasonable workout–
glad we got more running in this time around!

I’m becoming a fan of knees-to-elbows,
particularly since you have to hold your elbows bent,
which makes this a super abs and arms workout.

We’re all starting to get the hang of this,
so it’s time to amp it up–
I might have to go buy a sandbag for sumo squats! 😀

Yesternight’s Workout:



200m run
10 burpees
20 pushups (alternating Hindu/spiderman)
30 jump squats
1 min plank
40 situps
5 handstand pushups


…we only managed to do the handstand pushups the first round.
This was probably the hardest workout we’ve done–
The Boyo got sick on round two
(in his defense, he had already completed 100-odd pushups beforehand),
And The (former) Roommate tapped out [ed]after round three.

Those jump squats are *insanely* difficult to do,
particularly if you make sure to go all the way down
into a full squat before jumping.
I said “fuck” a lot, I’m afraid.

After our last two workouts,
I knew that I could have done another round,
And I wanted to stop on round three of this one
(it’s still a damn good workout with only three rounds)
but I pushed myself to do all four.

I’m kinda proud of that.

And wobbly.

I am so very, very wobbly today.

But in a good way. 🙂

Yesternight’s Workout:



This one *destroyed* me:


10 Star jumps
10 Pistols L
12 Burpees
10 Pistols R
10 Spartan Pushups
20 Lunges
50m Army Crawl
15 Hanging Situps


We ended up taking out the army crawl after the first round
in favor of tricep dips–
the grass was slicing up our elbows, it was wet, and also?

So Tricep Dips it was!

The Spartans are manageable now
(which pleases me to no end)–
I also did a pullup, a chinup, and another pullup at the end of the workout.
My goal is to get five pullups or chinups in a row by February.


I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not,
but my mantra through the last round was,
“I am not my Mother. I am NOT my mother.”

My mother,
is a very sweet, Titus-Two-Tea kind of a woman.

Who believes that godly behavior for women looks soft.
She associates submission with giving in.

I do not.

She has never been interested in being strong.

I am.

Sometimes to my detriment, I know.

But I want to be strong, capable.
I want to know that I could, in fact,
carry my husband or children or friends out of danger if I needed to.
I want that steely ability to carry on,
no matter how difficult the task at hand.

Disciplining my body to deal with pain is part of that.


I am not my mother.

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