Yesternight’s Workout:


A little different,
but ooooh, my arms are feeling it this morning:


400m run
15 bench jumps
2 ring handstands
3 handstands

15 spiderman pushups
10 squats
15 mountain climbers
10 kneehang situps
5 spartan pushups
15 bench jumps
15 dive bomber/hindu pushups
10 knee-to-chest (from dead hang)
5 pullups/chinups
400m run
10 burpees
10 kneehang situps
20 lunges


I could have done another round of this one–
it would have sucked, but I did have it in me.

James and Ben didn’t struggle with the spiderman or spartan pushups,
which I totally did,
but I had an easy time with the dive-bomber pushups and
they really struggled with those.

It’s fascinating to see which exercises are
particularly challenging for different folks!

and I ripped off a callous doing pullups.

Yesternight’s Workout:


With LauraJane, her husband James, and The (former) Roommate,
who came late, and consequently had to do more burpees, ha ha!



40 walking lunges
30 situps (10 knee to chest, 20 standard)
20 pushups
10 burpees

James and I also did a 1-minute plank,
and I made one run around the park (400 meters, roughly) with The Roommate,
and an extra set of the above (except for the burpees) with her as well.

This was a good one!

(We almost killed James after that first set of burpees–
they are real sonsuvbeeyotches.)

My arms and legs are feeeeeeling it today.
Lunges are hard for me,
and I have a bruise on my left knee where I let myself come down too fast.

Working out with friends is *so* much better than crying through it alone!
I love that we can push each other and curse together through the really ouchy bits.

I feel like I have Gym Buddies.
And that’s really nice.

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