Dollah Make Me Hollah:


Or a stuffed pig.
That I made into a purse.


Ah am the Grand Supreme Sweet Potato Queen, y’all!


This is mah pig. His name is Gliiiitzy, and he would lahk you to respek his life choices.


Photo by Beth Shemely

Y’ALL. Ah went to another parrrrrty, and there wuz these TWO IMPOSTERING BIIIIITCHES. That one on the right kept trying to EAT MAH POOR GLITZY. *hair flip*


Get Rid of Your Becca; Seriously, She is Revolting:


I can’t breathe, and I have an alien gargling in my nose,
but hey, I still managed to reserve a moving truck,
order lights for the reception,
change my haircut appointment,
pack the last of my books,
and reserve a block of hotel rooms for the wedding.

Oh, and I managed to glue approximately 5.1 gazillion rhinestones
onto my Halloween costume.

Sick bitches get shit DONE, y’all.


Or something like that.


Yes. Yes, I do. But with slightly more hair.

Donner, Party of Two:


Ding Dong!


Untitled by amanderbear
Untitled, a photo by amanderbear on Flickr.

More pictures from the MacAbree Manor Party!


donners by amanderbear
donners, a photo by amanderbear on Flickr.


Photobooth12 by amanderbear
Photobooth12, a photo by amanderbear on Flickr.


Photobooth31 by amanderbear
Photobooth31, a photo by amanderbear on Flickr.




Untitled by amanderbear
Untitled, a photo by amanderbear on Flickr.


With The Roommate and The Greenholt as Medusa and Mythbuster:


Untitled by amanderbear
Untitled, a photo by amanderbear on Flickr.


All photos courtesy of Amanda Dague

Happy All Hallow’s!


I never can figure out where that apostrophe goes.
Is that Hallow singular, and singularly possesses this eve?
Is there more than one Hallow, which would make it “Hallows'”?



But the Boyo came along with my crazy costume brain,
and we were a raging success at the MacAbree Manor party:


O, Pioneers!.


No one else was game for a group costume,
so we went as “Donner, Party of Two”, complete with bibs and a Jell-O heart
(I put blue raspberry vines in it to look like veins! Simulacra!)
that we messily devoured for the photobooth.


We’ll have more photos forthcoming!

This is Halloween:


Paraphrased Conversation with Boyo:


“I just wish I could find that severed nose.”



“Oh, I’m missing a kidney and an eyeball, too! Damn!”

“You know, I think you just use Halloween as an excuse to be gross.”

“That’s not true! The heart I picked up today is really cute!”


“I hate October.”

So I Promised these Pictures in October:

And…um…here they are?

This was my crazy project of hot glue and leaves and the staying up all night:

Baba Yaga‘s Hut

I made a 2D model of Baba Yaga and placed it so you could see her silhouette through this window. Creepy.

Do you know how hard it is to find branches that bend the same way???

The roof lifts up so I can replace the battery-powered flickering lights inside.

See the Chicken Feet?


There’s a funny story behind those Chicken Feet.

they’re real.

Cooked for six hours in the oven and coated in decoupage,
but very real.

I walked into an Asian Market and asked if they carried chicken feet.
(you know, like you do)
The gentlemen looked at me, and said, “Shikahn Fee? Wha ah Shikahn Fee?”

I kinda made motions with my hands to indicate scratching,
“Um. They’re. You know. Chicken? Feet?”
*scratch scratch*

“You draw for me.”

“OH! You mean Shikahn PAW!”

And apparently I did, because they sent me home with a dozen of them.

ps (for a sense of scale, Baba’s Hut is about two feet high by three feet wide.)

pps (In my head, it was only a couple of inches tall.)

ppps (I have no sense of proportion, people.)

The Best Dog Costume EVAH

From The Dooce, naturally:

My favorite piece of this is the circle of modesty.

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