Oh, Holy God:


I have four days before our wedding.

Yesternight’s Workout:



10 jump squats
1min reverse plank
100m sprint
30 sec L-hang
20 mountain climbers
1min plank


Oooo, wobbly.
We are soooo wobbly today.
I like this combination of fast and slow–
it’s tricksy, Baggins.

Yesternight’s Workout:


(and what I can remember of Friday’s workout…)



20 squat passes (#20 KB)
1 hill run (200m) (I did 20#KB Clean and Press, 6 each arm)
10 butt swishes, L/R
20 walking leg circles




10 burpees
20 mountain climbers
10 star jumps
10 bench jumps (I did KB presses)
10 toes-to-bar
L-hang rotated with
10 20# KB snatch


Biaggio came to join the crazy tonight!

(…We’ll see how the busted ankle feels today
after doing those star jumps…)

Yesternight’s Workout:



The Slow Burn

(Every exercise is to be done slowly and deliberately,
focusing on form and balance.)

5 hip flexor dips (L/R)
10 up-and-overs (formerly called leg lift and lower)
1 min plank
1 min reverse plank
10 sumo squats
10 hindu pushups


We made it through all five rounds, wutwut!

Yesternight’s Workout:



10 Lateral Pushups
20 Lunges (I did squats)
10 Leg lift and lower
1 200m hill run (I did 10 20# KB thrusters and 6 KB snatches, each arm)
20 sit-ups


Not bad.
Not bad.

My friend Kevin (who got me into Crossfit) is also suffering a foot injury,
so we were making jokes about how gooooood our abs are going to look by the time our tendons heal. 🙂

(Also, does anyone have suggestions for decreasing wrist pain
while doing push-ups?
I’m fine, but The Artist Formerly Known as The Roommate and The Boyo have pretty bad wrist pain when they’re doing push-ups, and it would be nice to have a solution for them.)

Yesternight’s Workout:


(Wednesday’s workout, really.)

I kicked a zombie on Sunday
and totally effed up my ankle,
so I did a rather separate workout from The Boyo and The Roommate.



15 jump squats
15 push-ups
15 knees-to-ees
15 burpees
100m sprint/run




15 hanging sit-ups
5 pullups
15 hollow body rocks
15 tricep dips (prolly not the *best* idea, since I am on crutches…)
15 leg lift and lower
5 toes-to-bar



I really missed actually working out with Jessie and Ben.
I will take burpees with friends any day over an equally punishing workout alone. 😦

Au Revoir, Faire:


one of the best years I’ve ever had.
I found new friends,
wore a ridiculous costume,
and made people laugh.


Alexis, Morgan, Rick, Jane, Brian:

Thank you.

You are my most favorite Frenchies.

Kev and MoMo–thank you for inspiring me to be better at acro.
Loved watching the two of you perform.


Jane, called Grenadine.


Morgan, also called MiMi–because it is all about Mimi, you know?


Zee Kevin.


Zee Astronomer.


Photo courtesy of Ben Ross

Je t’aime.


Vee are not MIMES! OH MON DIEU.


Merci, mes amies. Merci.

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