And We Lived to Tell the Tale:


After heroically fighting through horrible hordes of traffic,
I made it to the Beverly Center in Los Angeles for some serious Fashion Geeking
with Roommate Jessie and (former) Roommate Tamara.


Almost every store at the Center was open until 11pm;
there were free drinks and treats,
and all SORTS of amazing sales.

I scored a 40% coupon from Steve Madden–
which I elected to wait until tomorrow to use,
since the store last night was elbow-deep in women
staggering around with one right foot in a shoe.

The event planners cordoned off a huge section of plaza
for a runway show–I caught the last couple of minutes,
but only in passing.

They were very smart to elevate the runway,
since it was standing room only.

Jessie had to leave early,
so La Tamara and I hit Melrose Avenue
pretty much *just* to see Alexander McQueen.

And it was glorious.

I think McQueen will always be my favorite designer.
His style was so fresh, innovative,
his choice of fabrics perfect.
I love the unique way he combined structural edges
and soft, flowing fabric.
His tailoring was *impeccable*.

And I really wanted those sunglasses.


(I think Tam and I managed to get hit on by the only two straight men in Hollywood that night.)

(We still got it, baby.)



Next year?

We will hit Rodeo, and work our way back towards the Beverly.
There was not enough time to see everything,
to take it all in.

I wish this were a couple of nights in a row!



I can’t believe I managed to walk around for three straight hours
in five inch heels.

It was totally worth it, kittens.



A Recipe:


5 heaping cups of Maudlin Sentimentality
3 tablespoons of Bad Mommy Poetry
1 teaspoon of Oh God If Only I Could Wear That
2 pints of Are You Sure You Want that Cookie

Mix ingredients thoroughly with a pinch of poor grammar,
and bake at 350 degrees of Celebrity Gushing.

Remove from oven, and frost with enough
This is the Coolest Thing/Idea I Have Ever Encountered on the Internet
to mask everything else.



You’ve just signed up for Pinterest!


…Which doesn’t mean that I can stop pinning.




‘coz I can’t.

Cut open glowstick. Dump in jar. Swirl. Revel in own radness.


I want to do this for a wedding SO BADLY I COULD DIE.


This may be a sickness.

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And Yet Another Budget Crusher



Friend Aimee posted this on her Facebook,
and I,
I clicked.

And I haven’t stopped drooling.




Cotton Candy Pretty


I love her gentle reminders to be fabulous in the everyday.

I am not good at this.

Partially because I hate wearing a bra with the passionate fires of hell and underwire.

But the simple things,
the wearing a pretty dressing gown,
or nicely coordinated pajamas
instead of my usual yuckiform of shabby shorts and floppy tank?

I should do that.

Not out of fussiness,
but just out of a desire to celebrate beauty,
even if I’m just sitting around and clicking on the interwebs.


Look at that teensy waist!


Such a perfect silhouette!


I’m going to try and drop in when The Boyo and I are up in Oregon this August…
I wonder how one of those pretties would look with my new fabulous boots…

I Was Going to Have Something Great:

maybe not great.

Just my monthly book update.

But then I got distracted.
Here’s what’s making me smile on the interwebs today:

Heather España, Queen of the Camera


Favoritest Favoritey Socks

They also come in "Oregon", forthelove.

Oh, you ridiculous dog!

She is The Awesome.

Dear God, please let us all look this foxy at 65.

Um. YES.

Tell me you wouldn't live here if you could.

In Honor of Women’s Day:


(and, well, in honor of everyone, really.)


(I love you, Amanda Palmer.)


In my mind
In a future five years from now
I’m a hundred and twenty pounds
And I never get hungover
Because I
Will be the picture of discipline
Never minding what state I’m in
And I will be someone I admire
And it’s funny how I imagined
That I would be that person now
But it does not seem to have happened
Maybe I’ve just forgotten how
To see
That I’m not exactly the person that I thought I’d be.

And in my mind
In the far-away here-and-now
I’ve become in-control somehow
And I never lose my wallet
Because I
Will be the picture of discipline
Never fucking-up anything
And I’ll be a good defensive driver…


(Thanks to The Bloggess for the link)

Cry the Woman:

“I have nothing to WEAR!!!”


I have a *couple* of things.

The trouble is,
my closet was jeeest starting to undergo
a good and welcome change from “I’m-a-teacher-and-I-don’t-like-my-life”
and “I work for a company whose dress code is ‘Cover Your Vitals'”
to “Hey, maybe I should dress for the job I want “.

And then I lost my job.

And, you know,
groceries became a little more important than revamping my
(sad sack)

But oh,
how I want to go shopping again.

I blame all the pretty fashion bloggers I follow.

(Chloe, Tara, I am SO looking at you)

In light of that, then,
I decided to at least create a virtual wishlist/wardrobe of prettypretties
that maybe someday I’ll be able to wear:

(all in the name of stimulating the economy, understand!)

(because that’s obviously what we’re all thinking about in Anthropologie)

I tried this pretty baby on yesternight--fits like a DREAM, and the color is clearly made for me.

I have a funny feeling that this will be the dress that gets away from me. *sigh*

Working Wear

Working Wear by littlebrave featuring gold earrings

Cropped pants I like pretending I can wear.

Cropped pants I like pretending I can wear. by littlebrave featuring disc earrings

Pretty Lemon Skirt

Pretty Lemon Skirt by littlebrave featuring a silk ruffle blouse

This Girl May be Bad for My Budget:

La Couturiére Dimanche

I mean, GLURG???



(She made that dress, yo–
and the fit is freakishly impeccable.)

Girl has a seriously wicked fashion sense,
particularly for a grad student
(oh shaming me and my pajama loving self!)–
and I dig that she’s into historical costuming as well.


She made this hat.


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