I Kissed a Weasel, and I Liked It:


Well, not quite.

Because I don’t know how many *other* people have kissed
Her Juanitaness,
and I didn’t want Jenny to think that I’m weird or gross
or possibly hitting on her taxidermy.

But Juanita and I did cry out to the heavens together:




LauraJane kept her distance, sensible girl:



I can’t believe I even considered skipping this
(realized I triple-booked myself for last night,
with handbalancing class, The Bloggess,
and an art show in Culver City),

because Jenny?

Is amazing.

And funny.

And down to earth.
And willing to admit her frailties and fears.

I love her for that.

Oh, that's Soleil Moon Frye wearing the Loubies on the right. Punky Brewster barely comes up to my elbow, y'all.


I don't know if you can see them well, but The Bloggess is wearing a necklace with fuzzy rabbit scrotum. Which apparently is singular, like "Moose".


The Bloggess suffers from anxiety, depression, and RA,
among other things,
so seeing a woman who was probably in pain for the entire two and a half hours
that she talked, answered questions, signed books, and gave hugs
just be so present with grace and a ridiculously well-endowed sense of humor?

I admire Jenny Lawson more than ever.

you are my heroine.

Thank you.


Wonderful woman. Thanks for letting me hug you.


Knock, knock, Motherfucker)

There was this amazing moment during the panel where *everyone* was holding up a chicken of one sort or another. We sincerely regretted *not* bringing Laura's Chicken Hat and Purse Twin Set.

Yesternight’s Workout:



20 squats
20 tuck-ups
20 bench jumps/tuck-jumps
250m run
1 min extended plank


I’m still processing my grandfather’s death and memorial.
There is so much I want to say about all of it,
that I’m just choking on the whole thing instead.

I am so grateful for my sister, for The Boyo,
and for the dear friends who listened to my first explosions
after the memorial.

Thank you for holding me.

Thank you for helping me both feel and be better.



Just a beautiful day at Disneyland with some of my closest friends.


Greenholt vs. Turkey Leg


Her Jonesesty


Roland vs. Carrot Stick


Boyo vs. Morse Code


"Where is mah Laura?"


Bonjour, French Quarter!


A Fabulous Display of Millinery. And Boobs.


C'est si bon, Boyo. And Bianca.

Swears and Shrieks:


So The Ladies and I got together for a ricockulous drinking game called,
“Let’s All Watch Breaking Dawn!”

(Or: A Vampire Ate My Uterus)


There was a lot of drinking.

And very little plot.


(Participants, L-R: Heather, The Roommate, Sarah, LauraJane, CheekyPinky)


Oh, and we may have broken the audio levels on Sarah’s laptop.

Yesternight’s Workout:


200m run
10 pushups
10 squats
1 min plank

Nothing really to say about this one,
except that it was good to be with LauraJane.


I often miss what my home was like, two years ago.

With Jessie, Lexi, Laura, me.
Deniece next door.
People over every Sunday night.
Mary still in Santa Clarita.
And later,
Tam and her wonderful clarinet practicing.
Katie and the scent of her paints.

I miss Disneyland with Lex.
I miss getting ready in the morning with Jess.
I miss giggling with Laura.
I miss girl days with Mary.
I miss Project Runway with Tam.
I miss the *hours* of talking with Katie.


It’s not like friendship is so much harder
when your friends aren’t living with you…
and yet…it is.

It’s still worthwhile.
It’s still there.

It’s just that I no longer fall asleep,
knowing that the women who love me are in the room next to mine.
And that hurts a little bit.

More Morphinated Texting from Laura:


“I just went to be bathroom by myself!”



We should probably get the OED
to add that last word into its hallowed pages.

Not Something Beautiful:


But kinda FAHBULOUS anyhow.

This all came about when I was looking at the talented
Heather España McGeehon’s website,
saw a pretty little wreath that she made for Valentine’s Day,
but since I am half-magpie, and unable to resist the shiny,
I suggested buying a bunch of Valentine’s Day crap
and gluing it all over a wreath to LauraJane.

I love a friend who will hot-glue glitterfluffyfeathery things with me.



I totally managed to have a sense of proportion.



Look at how small the wreath is!