I am not a physicist.

I understand very little of the notions behind multiverse theory,
but I do know this:

I hope there is another Rebecca out there, somewhere.

Another Rebecca who didn’t, who wasn’t,
who is, who will be
all the things that I regret not doing,
who will never do all the stupid things I did.

I hope that she is real.



Sneaking Around The Man:


So we all know that I have aberrant pink hair, oui?


I also have an interview with a very upscale corporate firm tomorrow.

And it’s a personal referral through one of The Boyo’s co-workers.


In other words,
I don’t want to fuck this up.


So I did this today:

Nice, normal, aberrant hair



nice, corporate, expected, BORING hair



oh look, there's some color.

Now tell me,
if you didn’t *know* that I had pink hair,
would you even begin to suspect that the above is NOT my real hair?

‘Coz that’s gonna matter,
right around 2pm tomorrow.