Cranberries and ‘Tatoes:


I’ve always felt that cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes
were the boring children at the Thanksgiving table.

Just kinda…meh.

So a couple of years ago,
I began dinking around with the recipes,
and I came up with a sauce that might,
in fact, come down from Heaven and glow in the dark,
and mashed potatoes that never end up as leftovers.

So, here they are!

Becca’s Drunken Cranberry Sauce:

2 pkg. Cranberries
2 c. water
2 c. white sugar
2 c. brown sugar

(Yup. You really do need ALL of that sugar.)

Pour water and sugars into large saucepan,
stir until sugars dissolve,
add cranberries.

Add liberal dashes and shakes of the following:

Cardamom (yummmmmm!)
Blob of orange juice
Spiced Rum (if “liberal” is a good amount, then this should be heading towards “anarchy”)
Vanilla Vodka (More “Republican”–just a smidge)

Grab a potato masher and smoosh the heck out of those cranberries–
you want this to be fairly smooth in texture.

Taste your concoction–
it should have a little nip to it,
but shouldn’t make your lips curl in on themselves.
If it’s not sweet enough, ADD MORE SUGAR!!!

Or honey.

OoooOOOO…maybe I’ll go put some in right now…


Add a dollop of honey.

Good stuff.


Oooo, Shiny....and really good with cookies dipped in it.


Perfect Mashed Potatoes:

1 bag yellow potatoes
2 bags small red potatoes
(No russets. They’re booooring.)

Chop potatoes, leaving skin.
Place in deep pot, cover with water, set to boil.

When potatoes boil, drain, and add the following:

8 oz. cream cheese
8 oz. sour cream
Finely chopped garlic to taste

Blend, mash, blend, and mash some more.

Scoop into casserole dish, garnish with the following:

1 c. grated mild cheese
Finely chopped chives (to taste)
A little melted butter (if ya want–it’s gooooood)

Pop into oven until cheese is melted, and serve.


if someone wants to give me a recipe for yams that involve marshmallows,
but not in a depressing way,
I might expand my repertoire.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thingity Thing Things:


Seriously, why is this not lounging on my desk as we speak?



(I am also planning on whipping up a fresh mint sweet tea rum spiked drink of de-li-ci-ousness this week.)
(you know, because I can.)


I survived the Los Angeles Salsa Congress…
by the thin suede of my dance shoes,
but still,
I survived.

There may have been a very teary and slightly hysterical phone call to The Boyo
regarding the verysmallandhardlynoticeable mistake that
happened during our routine, because I?

Am a perfectionist.

Never thought I was.


I would post a video for all y’all,
but alas,
the folks running the Congress are also a bit money-grubby,
and wouldn’t allow filming in order to force attendees
to buy *their* video of the event.



I also finished a couple of books this week–
nothing near my normal rate of reading whilst-being-unemployed,
but it was nice to dig myself into good books,
even for five minutes at a time.

I still have mixed feelings for this book...

I picked up “House of Sand and Fog” at the wickedly fabulous
Altadena Library Book Sale because one of my favorite professors loves the film.

The book is modeled on the Greek tragedy–
events that occur happen because of tragic flaws
within each of the main characters,
and Col. Behrani certainly fits the mold of a great person experiencing a reversal of fortune.

the events of the novel build up slowly,
and as the reader,
I felt absolutely helpless in the face of it all.

Not a comfortable read, by any means,
but a beautiful one.


I was very surprised to realize that I *hadn’t* read this book.
It reminded me a great deal of “Brave New World”,
but it has a far more hopeful ending–
which I sincerely appreciate in a dystopian novel.

I loved the entire conceit of a world built without cultural memory or emotion,
and I especially loved that the world had no color–
only The Receiver could see color, hear music, and remember events long past.

The obvious twist probably isn’t so obvious when reading
this at 10 or 12 years old–alas for reading YA lit as an adult!–
but it did not affect my enjoyment of the novel.


It’s been a wild last couple of months, y’all.
I’m glad to be done with Lack of Weekends.

It’s time to get back on that Lazy Saturday Train…
maybe this Saturday will involve a walk in the sunshine.
Or reading at the beach.
Or hiking with the Corgi and The Boyo.
Or lounging about,
sipping some of that Sangria Slushied goodness.

It is good to be done.