In Case You Were Wondering:


No Workout posts this week–
I have waaaay too much damn sewing to do!

But rest assured,
I’m totally doing squats and pushups
in between working on a certain Sisyphean hem.

(300″ around, OMG)

I am choosing to not feel guilty about this,
and I am also choosing to not dread the burpees
that will surely be in next week’s workout.



And there will be pictures!
I…just…have to remember to take them.

…I may be bad at that.




I will learn to not listen to sad, quiet music
when I’m home alone, sick, and sewing.


That said,
I’m going to have such a pretty costume for Faire this year:


These are the trims for my Faire skirt this year. Pretty, oui?


Room with a View. Forster would be so proud.

Before the Almighty Road Trip Post:



i am so excited about this event!
reading rachel’s blog is continually refreshing and inspiring;
i can’t wait to meet her in person,
and every other blogger there!

i predict laughter and general awesomeness.

ps (damn. that means i need to get a new set of garters whipped up, don’t i? )

Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

My Etsy shop, that is.

So sorry for the delay, darlings;
I’ve been trying so hard to get the garter pockets posted to Etsy!

In the meantime,
you may still order them from me, via:

And to tide you over,
a few snaps of the forthcoming pretties!

eez sparkley

Simply Sexy

White and Silver Spanglies

Subtle Steampunk

Product Testing:

When unemployed in Los Angeles, California,
in the middle of the worst damn recession since the 1930s,
one can either give in to the despair and drive off Malibu’s cliffs,
or, in my case,
learn to sew.

I am a dancer;
Salsa is currently my dance of choice,
but I also have a background in tango, swing, and belly.

One of the most frustrating parts of going dancing was trying to figure out what to do with my purse.
My options were limited to shoving things down in my bra
(ever had your lipstick melted by this? yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds),
or to praying that my purse wouldn’t be snatched.

So, what about another option?
Something svelte, sleek, and maybe, I dunno…cheeky?

as awesome as it sounds

Which looks like this when worn:

sexy, oui?


cha cha cha

I sold about a dozen of these pretties in different trims and sizes at LA’s first bachata fest , and intend to sell a whole bunch more–
and these aren’t just for dancers, mama.


Got your back.

(I also submit these to rigorous testing–namely, by running up and down the stairs in my apartment)

(and of course, dancing for hours while wearing one!)