Poor Wee Mousie:


Maybe yesterday was a premonition.

I was laid off from my job this morning.

It was (as these things usually are) very sudden–
and in small graces,
my manager and the head of my office had nothing to do with the decision–
it was kind of a fell swoop coming down from the board of the company,
and they axed 19 other people along with me.


I am…everything everyone feels in this situation.

Angry, hurt, upset, depressed, worried, terrified.

Ben’s been amazing, of course.
I don’t know if we’ll have to put off the wedding.
We’re hoping we don’t.

I just can’t believe that I’m having to do this again,
barely a year later.
This is so, so fucking shitty.

Yesternight’s Workout:


Friday’s workout, actually:

x3 (I know! I KNOW.)

10 inchworms
1 min hand-touch plank
1 min spiderman plank (HOLY CRAP)
15 squat jumps
10 superman rocks


We were going to try for five rounds, but by the time we hit three,
it was DEATH.

The hand-touch planks are amazing,
because they force you to hold your hips still,
and you’re training your body to hold your weight on three points
instead of four.

But the winner in terms of pain?



I got the idea from my friend Charlotte,
and her time with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleading squad.

It is fantastically challenging–
I think I only made it for 20 seconds or so before flopping like a dead fish.

Expect to see more of those in our workouts. πŸ™‚

(Sorry, Jessie!)


We work out at a public park that’s kinda
centrally located to the Crossfit Buddies’ homes.
In the wintertime, it’s AWESOME, because we have the jungle gym
and sidewalk to ourselves,
but now that it’s summer?

We have to wait our turn for the monkey bars, too.
And we get funny looks from five-year-olds,
who can’t understand why we’re frowning when we’re at the PLAYGROUND.

I have to mutter “fuuuuccccck” all quiet under my breath,
instead of hollering it to the heavens,
or giggling with Jessie and Katie when the burpees are just too much.

Come back, winter!
I want to swear out loud again!

Yesternight’s Workout:



24 lunges
15 knees-to-elbows
25 KB squat passes
(we stood in a circle and passed a 25# kb around whilst squatting.
it was both hilarious and awesome.)
20:20:20 sprint
10 KB thrusts


Katie’s husbear joined in our madness–yay, Kyle!

We swapped out the 20:20:20 sprints
(20 second sprint, 20 second rest, 20 second sprint)
for a 200m run on the third round, and 10 burpees on the 4th.

Those sprints.

They are MURDER.

I’m trying to work us up to a real Tabata night–
but it will be a Tabata ONLY,
because we’re not *that* crazy. πŸ™‚

(A Tabata drill is a 20 second sprint, 10 second rest for four minutes.

This was a solid workout–
closest I’ve ever come to actually puking
and/or tapping out.

It’s those sprints!

Maybe I’ll do more tonight.


The Process. And Also a Corgi.


She kept planting her furry little butt on my skirt. We drew lines of compromise here.


She sure makes me more cheerful when I inevitably fuck up a simple seam, though. Lookatthatface!


The desert at 90mph.


This part of the lawn is VERY IMPORTANT.


Sometimes, I'm tempted to put fake eyelashes on my wighead.


The 300" skirt and the front tapestry panel.


There’s a story behind that tapestry–
Friend Amanda, who is making my bodice
(and regularly whips out costumes for dozens of folks
every year at Faire, ‘coz she’s a genius),
came over to my place last weekend for a shopping trip in the fabric district.

It was amazing to go down there with another veteran–
the districts in LA–fabric, fashion, jewelry, furniture, toys, floral–can be seriously intimidating if you don’t go there often.
It’s crowded, kinda dusty,
parking is a pain in the ass,
and there are so. many. things. whipping past your vision,
it’s easy to get headachey and grumpled.

We both had this moment, about ninety minutes into our trip,
where we were checking to see if the other person was okay,
because that’s uuuuusually the limit we have when we go with other folks,
and we both had to laugh, we were so fine with trucking on
for another three hours.

Plus, girl has a seriously good eye for fabrics.

This tapestry was a simultaneous spotting at Levine’s upholstery shop;
we gasped, I squeaked,
“Oh my God, can I use that?!?!”
Amanda looked at the price, and said,
“No. No, you can’t.”

…It was $24 per yard.

I normally never pay more than $5 per yard when I’m in the fabric district.

There was a great deal of hemming and hawing,
I got a swatch and carried it around for the rest of the afternoon,
and finally just had to come back and get it,
because it was SO PERFECT.

And I only needed one yard.


It’s totally justifiable.


And Amanda said I could! πŸ˜€


Here’s a brief glimpse of my finished top skirt–
I also finished the bottom last night.


It's this amazing tweedy mustard color--It feels like I pulled it out of a Vermeer painting.


There will be more photos–
still have to attach my waistband,
hem the panel,
attach the panel to my hoop
(oh yes, I am wearing a hoop LIKE A BOSS),
and then the fun begins with chopine construction!

It’s going to be a busy month,
but my brain and heart feel so much better
for having something creative to hold.


Yesternight’s Workout:



20 sumo squats
20 elevated pushups
20 bench jumps
1 min plank (alternating standard/reverse)
20 tuck jumps

I need to get a couple of sandbags and kettlebells–
Sumo squats are *way* more challenging with a sandbag on your back.

I finished with three chinups and two pullups;
had to take a breather after the first three,
but I’m getting closer to my goal of five in a row by February!



What are your favorite WOD exercises?
(We’re using a park and our own bodyweight, so bear that in mind)

Yesternight’s Workout:


250m run
Bikram stretching


30 lunges
20 pushups any style
10 star jumps
10 toes to bar/10 knees to elbows
5/10/15 piggyback squats


Piggyback squats are what you do when you don’t have weights–
just throw a Workout Buddy on your back,
and you’re golden!

…and possibly giggling.

Proper form is difficult when The Roommate's legs are a million miles long.


I get a lot of these looks on Crossfit nights:

"But I already *did* 160 pushups!"


"Do *all* the burpees?"


But it’s okay.
My fuzzy raccoon hat saves me from the wrath of the Workout Buddies:


Yesternight’s Workout:


I should have gotten pictures of this,
because The (former) Roommate, LauraJane,
and I went to do Crossfit in the park
in the worst windstorm Los Angeles has seen in 10 years.


We are just that bad-ass,
whipping out pushups while pulling branches out of our hair.

X3 Rounds:

15 Pistol Squats left leg (AUGH I HATE THESE)
20 Pushups
10 Dead Hang knees-to-chest
15 Bench Jumps
15 Pistol Squats right leg (MOAR HATE)
1 minute Plank
1 minute reverse Plank


I’m still trying to figure out the mechanics of the Pistol Squat,
since I can’t understand for the life of me how one keeps one’s heel to the ground during this move. It was ungainly.