A Girl, A Boy, A Dress, A Scarf:


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Our amazing photographer and friend, Josh Premako, put together a little sneak peek of our wedding
I cannot WAIT to see all the photos he caught!


Today I:


Feel completely and totally behind the ball.

Knowing that I’m not
(we have our site, our photographer, our rentals, our officiants, and I’m starting to work on my dress with the Amazing Amanda)
doesn’t really help,
because I feel like I should have EVERYTHING DONE.

I kinda figured this might be my particular problem.

*le sigh*

Back to it, mates!

Here’s a Story:



Photo by Staci Joy Photography


This was, I think, the first book that we shared together.
He brought a copy of this to Israel,
and he read me poems from it in the miklat, where we studied.

Ben has introduced me to Milne, Orson Scott Card, and Douglas Adams.
I have introduced him to Lukyaneko, Murakami, Neil Gaiman, and Roald Dahl.
And we keep doing that–reading a book, handing it off to the other person
(sometimes thieving a book in the dead of the night in order to finish it before they do), talking about books, arguing about books, loving books together.

I love that I am marrying a reader.



(isn’t our friend Staci an amazing photographer?)



That is the sound of six months,
flying by at the speed of something very fast indeed.

The Boyo and I decided on our site yesterday!

that is one the hardest parts of planning a wedding–
once you have a site reserved,
you can actually start going ahead with the rest of your plans for
rentals, vendors, food…

but what I’m reallyreally looking forward to
are all the little things,
like Art Noveau centerpieces
filled with jasmine and peonies and roses,
and maybe a couch fort in the library of our location because
HELL YES is why,
and maybe strings of paper snowflakes made of pretty tissue paper
that catch the light and diffuse it.

I’m looking forward to holding his hand and grinning like idiots
because we will be surrounded by the people we love most in the world.

Light and color and friends.



Sneak Peek of the Villa. …I KNOW.
(photo by Stephanie Williams Photography)

Guess What?



Just a Little Bit of Sunshine:


We drove to Manzanita Beach, and stopped (naturally) at the Tillamook factory for ice cream on the way. OM NOM.


I am sneaky. Sneeaaaaakyyyyyy.


You know it’s love when he’s still cute with a mouth full of sandwich.



I love Powell’s books. So much.


This was the second time Aimee and I met in person (We’ve been friends online since 2003). I love that we just talked and talked and talked for an entire day–she’s amazing.


This is Jon. This is Kristine. They’re pretty damn great.



Tagline: “Good Things Come in Pink Boxes.” Yes. Yes, they do.

Yesternight’s Workout:


Just Boyo and me:


10 seated straddle leg-lifts
10 head-touch pushups (absurdly difficult!)
200m run
30 squats with 20# KB, passed back and forth
30 sec. L-hold from bar
30 sec. star hold L/R, plank, reverse plank


Poor Boyo.
He had the distinct disadvantage of coming to workout with me
after I was yelled at by a co-worker.
I kinda take those things out through exercise,
so this was a brutal workout.

He might hate me forever for those straddle-lifts.


ps (Straddle lifts: “Sit in a straddle position, then lean forward slightly and place your hands on the floor. Lift your legs up and back as far as possible. The farther forward your hands are placed, the more difficult the exercise will be.”)

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