Yesternight’s Workout:



20 squats
20 tuck-ups
20 bench jumps/tuck-jumps
250m run
1 min extended plank


I’m still processing my grandfather’s death and memorial.
There is so much I want to say about all of it,
that I’m just choking on the whole thing instead.

I am so grateful for my sister, for The Boyo,
and for the dear friends who listened to my first explosions
after the memorial.

Thank you for holding me.

Thank you for helping me both feel and be better.




Just a beautiful day at Disneyland with some of my closest friends.


Greenholt vs. Turkey Leg


Her Jonesesty


Roland vs. Carrot Stick


Boyo vs. Morse Code


"Where is mah Laura?"


Bonjour, French Quarter!


A Fabulous Display of Millinery. And Boobs.


C'est si bon, Boyo. And Bianca.

Yesternight’s Workout:



30 squats
20 knees to elbows (DEATH)
10 lateral pushups
10 leg circles/halos
100m sprint
10 KB twists, knees bent (20lb)


I’m so glad the Boyo and I made it through all five rounds–
the knees to elbows and sprints almost made me puke,
but it’s good to know that I truly pushed my body as hard as I could last night.

Boyo ran to the park last night, 2.5 miles,
and I finished up with four pullups and five KB swings on each arm.

Yesternight’s Workout:


200m run


10 bench jump/tuck jump burpees
20 lunges
10-10-10 crunches/situps/v-ups
5 20lb KB snatch, each arm
1 min plank
2 turkish get-ups, each side, 20lb KB
1 min reverse plank
10 squats w/ 20 lb KB
1 min handstand hold


Since we only have one kettlebell,
we rotated out planks and using the KB.

Turkish get-ups are impossible sonsuvbeetches,
but I will conquer them.



this is my kettlebell:

She's a pretty little thing.


The Boyo got her for me for Valentine’s Day–
he’s so romantic! 😀

(Order here)

Yesternight’s Workout:


Just me and The Boyo this time.

200m run

20 Tuck jump squats
20 Leg circles
10 Lateral push-ups (OI!)
5 Dead hang pullups/chinups
20 V-ups

200m run


Surprisingly tough, this one!
I’m definitely going to keep V-ups and Tuck jump squats in the repertoire–
They are nasty little bastards,
and my abs are feeeeeeling it this morning.

(I’m planning to run this particular workout again,
with the goal of five rounds.
It’ll be hell, but totally worth it.
We’ve gotten pretty good at getting through three rounders–
time to step it up.)

I purchased a (fantastic!) Groupon for a month of Crossfit at a gym in Tarzana–
hoping to start that up in March, since February is totally booked out already.
Can’t wait to see what I learn there!!!


Also loving this site:

Gymnastics WOD

I emailed Carl a question regarding handstands,
and he replied quickly, with a link to another great site
that focuses on mobility for everyone–totally awesome!

I’m digging the fact that the Crossfit community is so diverse,
and so willing to help each other out.
It’s pretty badass.



“Maybe we visited a place so dark that we couldn’t see anything but the trauma or our loved one’s absence and maybe when we came back, part of that place stuck to us like a layer of soot across our eyes. Or an iron weight in our throat. A shadow that filters how we feel and think about the world, tinging everything with shades of gray.”

This Post Brought to You by:


The Letter “L”

For “Light-headed”
And “Limp”
And “So glad to be home and not stuck in Denver
in the middle of a snowstorm because NO.”


that didn’t start with “L”.
Silly me.



How in the CRAP do people travel for business on a regular basis?
I just had three solid days of meetings with working lunches,
and I cannot fathom doing this more than once or twice a year.

I’m going to go snuggle The Boyo and The Corgi now.

And soak my feet–full business drag does a number on Ye Olde Insteppe.

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