Yesternight’s Workout:



20 squats
20 tuck-ups
20 bench jumps/tuck-jumps
250m run
1 min extended plank


I’m still processing my grandfather’s death and memorial.
There is so much I want to say about all of it,
that I’m just choking on the whole thing instead.

I am so grateful for my sister, for The Boyo,
and for the dear friends who listened to my first explosions
after the memorial.

Thank you for holding me.

Thank you for helping me both feel and be better.




Just a beautiful day at Disneyland with some of my closest friends.


Greenholt vs. Turkey Leg


Her Jonesesty


Roland vs. Carrot Stick


Boyo vs. Morse Code


"Where is mah Laura?"


Bonjour, French Quarter!


A Fabulous Display of Millinery. And Boobs.


C'est si bon, Boyo. And Bianca.

Swears and Shrieks:


So The Ladies and I got together for a ricockulous drinking game called,
“Let’s All Watch Breaking Dawn!”

(Or: A Vampire Ate My Uterus)


There was a lot of drinking.

And very little plot.


(Participants, L-R: Heather, The Roommate, Sarah, LauraJane, CheekyPinky)


Oh, and we may have broken the audio levels on Sarah’s laptop.

Yesternight’s Workout:


200m run
10 pushups
10 squats
1 min plank

Nothing really to say about this one,
except that it was good to be with LauraJane.


I often miss what my home was like, two years ago.

With Jessie, Lexi, Laura, me.
Deniece next door.
People over every Sunday night.
Mary still in Santa Clarita.
And later,
Tam and her wonderful clarinet practicing.
Katie and the scent of her paints.

I miss Disneyland with Lex.
I miss getting ready in the morning with Jess.
I miss giggling with Laura.
I miss girl days with Mary.
I miss Project Runway with Tam.
I miss the *hours* of talking with Katie.


It’s not like friendship is so much harder
when your friends aren’t living with you…
and yet…it is.

It’s still worthwhile.
It’s still there.

It’s just that I no longer fall asleep,
knowing that the women who love me are in the room next to mine.
And that hurts a little bit.

Yesternight’s Workout:



30 squats
20 knees to elbows (DEATH)
10 lateral pushups
10 leg circles/halos
100m sprint
10 KB twists, knees bent (20lb)


I’m so glad the Boyo and I made it through all five rounds–
the knees to elbows and sprints almost made me puke,
but it’s good to know that I truly pushed my body as hard as I could last night.

Boyo ran to the park last night, 2.5 miles,
and I finished up with four pullups and five KB swings on each arm.

Yesternight’s Workout:



20 sumo squats
20 elevated pushups
20 bench jumps
1 min plank (alternating standard/reverse)
20 tuck jumps

I need to get a couple of sandbags and kettlebells–
Sumo squats are *way* more challenging with a sandbag on your back.

I finished with three chinups and two pullups;
had to take a breather after the first three,
but I’m getting closer to my goal of five in a row by February!



What are your favorite WOD exercises?
(We’re using a park and our own bodyweight, so bear that in mind)

Yesternight’s Workout:


250m run
Bikram stretching


30 lunges
20 pushups any style
10 star jumps
10 toes to bar/10 knees to elbows
5/10/15 piggyback squats


Piggyback squats are what you do when you don’t have weights–
just throw a Workout Buddy on your back,
and you’re golden!

…and possibly giggling.

Proper form is difficult when The Roommate's legs are a million miles long.


I get a lot of these looks on Crossfit nights:

"But I already *did* 160 pushups!"


"Do *all* the burpees?"


But it’s okay.
My fuzzy raccoon hat saves me from the wrath of the Workout Buddies:


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