I Kissed a Weasel, and I Liked It:


Well, not quite.

Because I don’t know how many *other* people have kissed
Her Juanitaness,
and I didn’t want Jenny to think that I’m weird or gross
or possibly hitting on her taxidermy.

But Juanita and I did cry out to the heavens together:




LauraJane kept her distance, sensible girl:



I can’t believe I even considered skipping this
(realized I triple-booked myself for last night,
with handbalancing class, The Bloggess,
and an art show in Culver City),

because Jenny?

Is amazing.

And funny.

And down to earth.
And willing to admit her frailties and fears.

I love her for that.

Oh, that's Soleil Moon Frye wearing the Loubies on the right. Punky Brewster barely comes up to my elbow, y'all.


I don't know if you can see them well, but The Bloggess is wearing a necklace with fuzzy rabbit scrotum. Which apparently is singular, like "Moose".


The Bloggess suffers from anxiety, depression, and RA,
among other things,
so seeing a woman who was probably in pain for the entire two and a half hours
that she talked, answered questions, signed books, and gave hugs
just be so present with grace and a ridiculously well-endowed sense of humor?

I admire Jenny Lawson more than ever.

you are my heroine.

Thank you.


Wonderful woman. Thanks for letting me hug you.


Knock, knock, Motherfucker)

There was this amazing moment during the panel where *everyone* was holding up a chicken of one sort or another. We sincerely regretted *not* bringing Laura's Chicken Hat and Purse Twin Set.

Hell, Yes:


I will be this cool when I’m old:

Decisions, Decisions:


The Boyo got me a lovely gift certificate to We Dream in Colour’s Etsy shop,
and now I must decide.

…Which is more like, do I spend the entire amount on *one* piece,
or do I buy a couple?

Because part of me feels like having two pieces might be more fun,
but then again…maybe I should just go for the one I reaaaaally like.


Here are my top contenders:


They’re all just so pretty, you know?

The necklace,
I have to admit,
was my first “OOOO!!!”,

I just don’t wear necklaces that often–
maybe once or twice a week.

I wear earrings every single day.


Give me yer votes!



There is no polite way to eat a banana.

In Which I Take a Break from Alphabetizing Spreadsheets to Say:


I will be more interesting next week!


In the meantime,
have a few pretty pictures:

Teensy Little Gardeny Gardens

Wee little buckety gardens. The Boyo and I are planning on making these this summer.


My heart! It bursts from the Hedgeyness!

I am Probably Going to Pull this Shit on TSA

Dear Bloggess, You are clearly made of awesome. And voodoo. Yep. Definitely voodoowhodoyoudo.

I Was Going to Have Something Great:

maybe not great.

Just my monthly book update.

But then I got distracted.
Here’s what’s making me smile on the interwebs today:

Heather España, Queen of the Camera


Favoritest Favoritey Socks

They also come in "Oregon", forthelove.

Oh, you ridiculous dog!

She is The Awesome.

Dear God, please let us all look this foxy at 65.

Um. YES.

Tell me you wouldn't live here if you could.

Well. This Could Work, Too:

From Bookshelfporn

Or help me fill them. Which the Boyo does.

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