Of Hedgepigs:


"The Hedgepig is Concerned About the Weather"

“The Hedgepig is Concerned About the Weather”


I painted this just after Christmas,
sitting on the couch with my fiancé.

It was a nice sort of a night. 🙂

Little Bits:


One of my favorite things about having time off is
getting enough thinkspace to paint again.

So I made these two darlings:





Penelope and Doris are going to be a part of a story.
I don’t know the plot,
or how they will meet,
but oh,
I am going to have such a good time making this little world!


I do love vacation.

Sigh No More:


I’m looking through Audrey Kawasaki’s blog,
and feeling very…left out.

The last month has been full of wedding,
and more wedding.

I haven’t sat down in my room,
“Kind of Blue” playing,
and painted since …June?

Too long.

I miss it.
I miss the quietness.
I miss how painting makes me feel still.

I have another wedding coming up in eleven days,
but I think I might take a time out tonight,
and just paint for a little while.

I Made a Pretty:


“…Freedom tasted like seawater and oranges.”
-Tana French, ‘The Likeness’

That quote ran through my head the entire time I was painting this:

I painted a great deal of this while talking to close friends on the phone…
which is rather unusual for me.

I hole up in my room and shut everything else out and off when I paint.

It was kind of a welcome change,
but not something I’m likely to do on a more complex
(or frustrating)

This one treated me pretty well,
for which I am grateful.



©Rebecca S Rea, 2011

Watercolor on cold-press paper


I need to paint.



(and I hatehatehate applying to jobs.)





Today I:

(well, technically two days ago)

Painted this for The Boyo

Because Hallmark is expensive. And they no longer make blank cards.

Make a wish, honey…
I hope it comes true.

I made a cheesecake! And it was TASTY.

(Oh yes,
I painted this on my new easel of AWESOME
that The Boyo and several dear friends chipped in to give me for mah birthday…
and it’s perfect.
Thanks, loves.)

All Artwork Copyright of Rebecca S. Rea, 2010
All Rights Reserved

More Working:

paris when it rains

it gets a leetle disasterous...and yes, this was *totally* inspired by Christina Hendricks in LA Magazine

James is here with his (really great) crew,
setting up for a short film written by our friend Sarah Carman–
I got to do wardrobe and set design,
which basically meant trashing my livingroom
and placing questionable posters on the walls.

I have been twitching for the last couple of days,
loooonging to straighten everything up–
it’s going to look fantastically bad on camera!

Whatchy’all up to this weekend?

All Artwork Copyright of Rebecca S. Rea, 2010
All Rights Reserved

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