The Red Cross Knows What’s Up:



I got to do makeup on a few of these fine folks–
I love me some fresh zombie.


Tell the Boyo that he did a good job–
he spent the last couple of weeks working 16 hour days,
editing and rotoscoping and tweaking oh my.
I think it turned out great!


What I’m Reading:



Have you ever put on a nice outfit
and then realized, two hours later,
that it was going to be TORTURE to sit and work in all day?

If only HR was more reasonable about working in one’s underthings.


I recently discovered through Slate,
which is a collection of long form non-fiction from a huge variety of
publications and writers.
Fascinating topics, great writing, and?

You still look like you’re working while reading.

I read “The Rapist Says He’s Sorry” yesterday–blown away by its power and the excellent argument that the author makes.
(TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic description of rape)

Am currently reading “How the World Failed Haiti”.
I’m curious to see whether or not I will agree with the author’s thesis.


One of the things I like most about sites like Longform is that I don’t have the money to subscribe to all of the publications represented here, and I hate watching televised news,
so long form reporting and essays are where I tend to get updated
on current events–
and it’s really nice to have all of that in one place.

So go forth!

Read, my kittens!

Well, Of Course.


Dear Clients,


When you say you want footage of a dinosaur,
what precisely do you mean?

‘Coz I’m picturing this:


(You do know “Jurassic Park” wasn’t real, right?)