A Girl, A Boy, A Dress, A Scarf:


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Our amazing photographer and friend, Josh Premako, put together a little sneak peek of our wedding
I cannot WAIT to see all the photos he caught!


Oh, Holy God:


I have four days before our wedding.



In the meantime,
here’s a picture of a hedgepig,
hedgin’ it up:


"They said there would be cake. It was a lie."

“They said there would be cake. It was a lie.”

I Didn’t Expect:


My wedding to involve quite so much spray paint.


Make Your Own Mercury Glass. Take that, Pinterest.

Make Your Own Mercury Glass. Take that, Pinterest.


Just call me the Matrimonial Tagger.


Spray all the things!

Spray all the things!


Who Has Two Thumbs and…


Got a $310 pair of handmade Italian shoes for $78 last night?




Lambent Knot Heels by Something Bleu, from BHLDN

Lambent Knot Heels by Something Bleu, from BHLDN

Get Rid of Your Becca; Seriously, She is Revolting:


I can’t breathe, and I have an alien gargling in my nose,
but hey, I still managed to reserve a moving truck,
order lights for the reception,
change my haircut appointment,
pack the last of my books,
and reserve a block of hotel rooms for the wedding.

Oh, and I managed to glue approximately 5.1 gazillion rhinestones
onto my Halloween costume.

Sick bitches get shit DONE, y’all.


Or something like that.


Yes. Yes, I do. But with slightly more hair.

Not Sure if “Paranoid” Or Just “Bride”:


On my list of things that I am currently afraid of happening at our wedding:

1) My bridesmaids actually hate their dresses and are just being kind about them
2) We are, in fact, having a hipster wedding (but…but…there’s no Pabst! and we’re not serving kimchi!)
3) In five years, I’m going to hate the dress I wore
4) My dress will turn out badly (through no fault of Amanda’s)
5) My mother will, in fact, be incapable of putting her damn camera down
6) Our guests won’t like the food
7) We won’t get a photographer
8) My leaf garlands will look stupid and tacky and all my snorting at Michael’s Crafts wedding aisle will be for naught
9) I will wish that I had worn sleeves
10) My grandmother will say something snide and insulting about my body
11) Our geeky references will just appear snotty
12) No one will RSVP and we will have 400 guests show up and will have to send a groomsmen to Costco for food
13) I will trip on my way down the stairs, taking Ben with me, bashing in our teeth, and end up both dead and homeless
14) It won’t be beautiful


Anyone have a Quaalude they can give me?

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