Wednesday Weirds:

Wow, it’s been a while.
Where have you been hiding the crazy, Los Angeles?


The best part is that the dress is such a conflagration of crazy sparkle dysentery,
I didn’t even notice HiBoobs McTits at first glance.

Prom season’s going to be interesting this year, y’all.

Wednesday Weirds:

One afternoon,
Pasadena Barbie was wandering about her dream house
and decided that her Corvette was just too bourgeois.
She needed something a little more intimidating,
a little more…



“My vehicle is now like my breasts!
Pneumatic and unwieldy! HAHA!”


(she apparently looked to her friendly tube of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for design inspiration.)


My favorite part?

The logo on PeptoBarbieMobile resembles a diaphragm.


Now tell me, Barbie,
with Ken’s molded plastic briefs,
is that *really* necessary?

Wednesday Weirds:

Straight from Venice Beach,
we bring you….WOLF HAUS!!!

creepy 80s house...wait for it...


I’m just curious–what was going through this homeowner’s mind?

“Mah vet dream ahv concrete und glahss es rehalized!
But eet meeeeses sumzing…vas…vas…Ach! Ja!


(at least, i hope that's how the internal monologue went.)

'I find this posing business particularly onerous,' he seemed to say.

Wednesday Weirds:

Oh, Neighbors!
You are so precious!

What the crap...?

How clever of you to use a patriotic mannequin to spiffy up your front porch!

Hai, thar. Mah name's Cleetus. Ah likes Monopoly, fireworks, and dirtay feets.

How do Ah stay so cool? Whhhy, mah laht-up palm tree do the trick rahght nice.


Not only do you effectively creep out any potential burglars in the area,
but you also keep Homeland Security off your back.

Well played, Neighbors.
Well played, indeed.

Wednesday Weirds:

I live in Los Angeles.

I see a *lot* of weird crap.

I’ve decided to celebrate/mock mercilessly the crazy that is my city.

My local Target got into the spirit of things,
presenting me with this gem:

My Hair Gleams with Afterbirth!

Because washing your head with Baby Sack is a brilliant idea.