Yesternight’s Workout:


Friday’s workout, actually:

x3 (I know! I KNOW.)

10 inchworms
1 min hand-touch plank
1 min spiderman plank (HOLY CRAP)
15 squat jumps
10 superman rocks


We were going to try for five rounds, but by the time we hit three,
it was DEATH.

The hand-touch planks are amazing,
because they force you to hold your hips still,
and you’re training your body to hold your weight on three points
instead of four.

But the winner in terms of pain?



I got the idea from my friend Charlotte,
and her time with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleading squad.

It is fantastically challenging–
I think I only made it for 20 seconds or so before flopping like a dead fish.

Expect to see more of those in our workouts. 🙂

(Sorry, Jessie!)


We work out at a public park that’s kinda
centrally located to the Crossfit Buddies’ homes.
In the wintertime, it’s AWESOME, because we have the jungle gym
and sidewalk to ourselves,
but now that it’s summer?

We have to wait our turn for the monkey bars, too.
And we get funny looks from five-year-olds,
who can’t understand why we’re frowning when we’re at the PLAYGROUND.

I have to mutter “fuuuuccccck” all quiet under my breath,
instead of hollering it to the heavens,
or giggling with Jessie and Katie when the burpees are just too much.

Come back, winter!
I want to swear out loud again!


Yesternight’s Workout:


(and what I can remember of Friday’s workout…)



20 squat passes (#20 KB)
1 hill run (200m) (I did 20#KB Clean and Press, 6 each arm)
10 butt swishes, L/R
20 walking leg circles




10 burpees
20 mountain climbers
10 star jumps
10 bench jumps (I did KB presses)
10 toes-to-bar
L-hang rotated with
10 20# KB snatch


Biaggio came to join the crazy tonight!

(…We’ll see how the busted ankle feels today
after doing those star jumps…)

Yesternight’s Workout:



10 Lateral Pushups
20 Lunges (I did squats)
10 Leg lift and lower
1 200m hill run (I did 10 20# KB thrusters and 6 KB snatches, each arm)
20 sit-ups


Not bad.
Not bad.

My friend Kevin (who got me into Crossfit) is also suffering a foot injury,
so we were making jokes about how gooooood our abs are going to look by the time our tendons heal. 🙂

(Also, does anyone have suggestions for decreasing wrist pain
while doing push-ups?
I’m fine, but The Artist Formerly Known as The Roommate and The Boyo have pretty bad wrist pain when they’re doing push-ups, and it would be nice to have a solution for them.)

Yesternight’s Workout:


I am crutch-free! WHEEE!!!


Plank Wheelbarrows, forward/back
10 head-ups
10 halos (each direction)
25 squat passes w/ KB (20#)
15 sec. L-hang
6 KB snatches (each arm)


Pretty durn good!

I’m not allowed to run, jump, or lunge for another month or so
but that won’t slow me down *too* much.

I wonder how I could adapt burpees…

Yesternight’s Workout:


(Wednesday’s workout, really.)

I kicked a zombie on Sunday
and totally effed up my ankle,
so I did a rather separate workout from The Boyo and The Roommate.



15 jump squats
15 push-ups
15 knees-to-ees
15 burpees
100m sprint/run




15 hanging sit-ups
5 pullups
15 hollow body rocks
15 tricep dips (prolly not the *best* idea, since I am on crutches…)
15 leg lift and lower
5 toes-to-bar



I really missed actually working out with Jessie and Ben.
I will take burpees with friends any day over an equally punishing workout alone. 😦

Yesternight’s Workout:


Just Boyo and me:


10 seated straddle leg-lifts
10 head-touch pushups (absurdly difficult!)
200m run
30 squats with 20# KB, passed back and forth
30 sec. L-hold from bar
30 sec. star hold L/R, plank, reverse plank


Poor Boyo.
He had the distinct disadvantage of coming to workout with me
after I was yelled at by a co-worker.
I kinda take those things out through exercise,
so this was a brutal workout.

He might hate me forever for those straddle-lifts.


ps (Straddle lifts: “Sit in a straddle position, then lean forward slightly and place your hands on the floor. Lift your legs up and back as far as possible. The farther forward your hands are placed, the more difficult the exercise will be.”)

Yesternight’s Workout:



5 squat throughs, each leg (like a pistol, but when you come up,
you extend your leg behind you without resting your foot at any time — OWWW)
15 burpees
10 leg levers
400m hill run
10 butt swishes (on all fours, extend and flex leg out to the side,
parallel with your hips, then thrust it straight back and into the air as high as possible)


Ooh, I’ve got some sore buttcheeks today,

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