Yesternight’s Workout:



It’s been a while.

We’ve been kinda sporadically doing Crossfit,
what with crazy 12-hour workdays and all.
I’ve been doing my own workouts every day at the office–
tricep dips, knee balances on the yoga ball,
pushups and situps and handstands when no one’s looking…
But I really miss doing Crossfit regularly.



(Rotating stations for first three exercises)
5 pistols (each leg)
10 20# KB Swings
45 Single-Unders (for the life of me, I can’t get the rope to go fast enough for a double-under)
10 toes-to-bar
20# KB 100m Relay (FUN! And soooo tiring!)
5 Single leg balance extensions (each leg)


That last one is *awesome* because it challenges
your balance, coordination, and it strengthens your back muscles,
which we all need.


I had a breakthrough in handbalancing on Monday night,
which was good, since the rest of class was PAIN and JOINTS and PAIN:

I finally got a solid one minute belly-to-wall handstand,
AND I was able to kick up into a handstand and forward roll out of it,
on my own!


Thought I’d never get through the mental block I was having for that latter bit–
I’m always afraid that I’ll fall on my face,
break all my teeth,
and end up dead and homeless.

(All disasters end this way for me: Bounced a check? Dead and homeless.
Didn’t get a lunch order right? Dead and homeless.
Forgot to feed the dog? Yup. Death and also homelessness.)


I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, lately.
The new job, which I am grateful to have, mind you,
is eating me alive.

by the time I come home,
I just head straight to bed.

I’ve been forcing myself to work on wedding stuff when I get home,
which means I haven’t been enjoying it very much–
instead of being a welcome, creative escape,
it’s become just another thing that I have to do,
just another task that is keeping me from collapsing into bed.

I miss my friends.
I miss my fiancé.

We cram everything into the weekends now,
which also diminishes how enjoyable those are.

I’m not going to lie–it sucks.

our friends have been amazing with the wedding stuffs–
coming over on a Saturday last month to help cut out dozens of felted leaves,
helping me think through logistics and delegation,
flying to LA before the wedding to help with anything that needs helping,
taking over tasks–we are surrounded by truly incredible friends.

I just wish I had a little more time to be with them.


This gig ends in May.
I think some serious changes will be afoot for me after that.

And that’s a good thing.

Allow Me to Clarify:


(A preamble to my preamble:
I’ve had a lot of fitness blog visitors (hey, there!) recently,
and I noticed that several of them tend to slide into the guilt/shame/smug trifecta
that is unfortunately common in our current culture.
This is a clarification of why I do what I do.)


I do not work out because I want a perfect body.
Ain’t no such thing.
I do not work out because I feel guilty about eating a piece of candy.
I do not berate myself for eating bread.
Bread is delicious, motherfucker.

Or it is a delicious motherfucker.

Take your pick.

I do not and will not restrict my eating for anything other than an allergy.
I will not call foods “bad” or call my behavior “bad” if I choose to eat a piece of pie.
It is a choice, and that is all.

I do not make “guilt-free” foods.

I do not go on juice fasts to “detox” my body–what the holy hell is that,
I can’t even.

Demonizing entire food groups is foolish and unbalanced,
and if you’re wondering why so many women have eating disorders,
in large part, it’s because we are shamed about *everything* we put in our mouths.
(Even salad! “Oh. Salad. You know, that type of lettuce has like, no macronutrients.”)

I will not take part in this.

I do not and will not weigh-in.
(Seriously. You don’t want to get me started.)

I do not work out because I need to fit into my wedding dress.
My wedding dress will fit *me*, not the other way around.

I do not work out because I’m a bad person if I don’t.

I do not work out because my body fat percentage isn’t where it “should” be.

I do not run on a daily basis because I hate running.
It makes me miserable.
My cardiovascular fitness will benefit just as much from sprints and walking.

I do not work out because it’s the thing to do.


I work out because it makes me strong.
I work out because it lifts my mood.
I work out because I get to spend time with my chosen family.
I work out because I’m doing the Zombie 5K in a couple of weeks.
I work out because growing stronger keeps my eating disorder at bay.
I work out because I have a desk job, and purely sedentary living hurts my body.
I work out because I can change water jugs at the office.
I work out because functional fitness is awesome.
I work out because it is satisfying to pound out a set of burpees.
I work out because I refuse to give in to fragility.
I work out because it makes me better at my crazy circus classes.

I work out because I enjoy it.


Guilt only creates resentment.
Delight will last for a lifetime.
We need to delight in our bodies and their abilities.
No more shaming.
Not yourself.
Not someone else.
Our bodies are incredible.
Now go celebrate that shit, however you like best.

Yesternight’s Workout:


We all made it through four rounds,


15 burpees
10 toes-to-bar
5 vertical jumps
20 tuck-ups
200m run


Oh, it hurt so good.

Yesternight’s Workout:


(and what I can remember of Friday’s workout…)



20 squat passes (#20 KB)
1 hill run (200m) (I did 20#KB Clean and Press, 6 each arm)
10 butt swishes, L/R
20 walking leg circles




10 burpees
20 mountain climbers
10 star jumps
10 bench jumps (I did KB presses)
10 toes-to-bar
L-hang rotated with
10 20# KB snatch


Biaggio came to join the crazy tonight!

(…We’ll see how the busted ankle feels today
after doing those star jumps…)

Yesternight’s Workout:



The Slow Burn

(Every exercise is to be done slowly and deliberately,
focusing on form and balance.)

5 hip flexor dips (L/R)
10 up-and-overs (formerly called leg lift and lower)
1 min plank
1 min reverse plank
10 sumo squats
10 hindu pushups


We made it through all five rounds, wutwut!

Yesternight’s Workout:



10 Lateral Pushups
20 Lunges (I did squats)
10 Leg lift and lower
1 200m hill run (I did 10 20# KB thrusters and 6 KB snatches, each arm)
20 sit-ups


Not bad.
Not bad.

My friend Kevin (who got me into Crossfit) is also suffering a foot injury,
so we were making jokes about how gooooood our abs are going to look by the time our tendons heal. 🙂

(Also, does anyone have suggestions for decreasing wrist pain
while doing push-ups?
I’m fine, but The Artist Formerly Known as The Roommate and The Boyo have pretty bad wrist pain when they’re doing push-ups, and it would be nice to have a solution for them.)

Yesternight’s Workout:


(Wednesday’s workout, really.)

I kicked a zombie on Sunday
and totally effed up my ankle,
so I did a rather separate workout from The Boyo and The Roommate.



15 jump squats
15 push-ups
15 knees-to-ees
15 burpees
100m sprint/run




15 hanging sit-ups
5 pullups
15 hollow body rocks
15 tricep dips (prolly not the *best* idea, since I am on crutches…)
15 leg lift and lower
5 toes-to-bar



I really missed actually working out with Jessie and Ben.
I will take burpees with friends any day over an equally punishing workout alone. 😦

Yesternight’s Workout:


Just Boyo and me:


10 seated straddle leg-lifts
10 head-touch pushups (absurdly difficult!)
200m run
30 squats with 20# KB, passed back and forth
30 sec. L-hold from bar
30 sec. star hold L/R, plank, reverse plank


Poor Boyo.
He had the distinct disadvantage of coming to workout with me
after I was yelled at by a co-worker.
I kinda take those things out through exercise,
so this was a brutal workout.

He might hate me forever for those straddle-lifts.


ps (Straddle lifts: “Sit in a straddle position, then lean forward slightly and place your hands on the floor. Lift your legs up and back as far as possible. The farther forward your hands are placed, the more difficult the exercise will be.”)

Yesternight’s Workout:



5 squat throughs, each leg (like a pistol, but when you come up,
you extend your leg behind you without resting your foot at any time — OWWW)
15 burpees
10 leg levers
400m hill run
10 butt swishes (on all fours, extend and flex leg out to the side,
parallel with your hips, then thrust it straight back and into the air as high as possible)


Ooh, I’ve got some sore buttcheeks today,

Yesternight’s Workout:



3 hill runs

10 lateral pushups (hate!)

20 jumping lunges (AWESOME.)

5  KB Windmills, each arm (20#)

15 Superman rocks

30 sec handstand


A decent workout, all told.

I loooooove those jumping lunges–they’re exhausting in a unique way.

We’ll be doing more hill runs and more running in general this summer

as the Zombie 5K gets closer.



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